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Yur Art    mentor's art: a tribute to William A. Ziebell, 1910-1978  


As a child, my father was the model of an artist to me in his white painter's smock. During one of my college breaks, he opened his oil paints, and I had my first taste of applying oils to canvas. I have been painting ever since. Here, I present some of my father's works to honor his influence on my artistry.   

 Moonlit Winter Night - 1923


 Old Grist Mill - 1928

The Village Steps - 1930


Desert Floor - 1932

One of William Ziebell's original oil paintings, this artwork by Donn's father and mentor can be available as a fine art reproduction.
Garden Entry - 1936


Lobster Shack - 1957

Old Town Square - 1957

Unfinished - 1978 (passed away)

"A painter's life is never long enough. You leave your work   in the middle."


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