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Both a home or office should be a place with visual comfort and interest. A custom triptych as a “study in black and white” was a successful appointment to a living room decorated in black, white and gray. See the three oil paintings in this home-owner’s triptych below. Each painting is 18” x 24” and forms a continuous scene.





Dodge in Barn

Collection of Mr. and Mrs. R. Gustafson (Illinois)


24 in. x 12 in.

Historically, many young women have been lovingly taught different and important skills by their mother and grandmother. This led to gaining the valuable traits of self confidence and self sufficiency. The total experience is then rewarded with the time valued attribute of diligence.


817 Wolfram Street
22 in. x 24 in.
Collection of Mr. & Mrs. M. Baker

The picture, above, hangs in my daughter’s home. It adds an accent of color alongside their antique and contemporary furnishings.



My grandson, David, helped "plant" some of the flowers from my pallet of oil paints. Such participation can make a painting a treasured family work of art. David's initials accompany my signature.

Morning Chore 30 in. x 48 in.
Collection of Mr. & Mrs. S. Lawton (Texas)

Contact the artist if you are interested in a fine art 28 in. x 40 in. digital print reproduction.

  This painting was worked from a pencil sketch by an elementary student in the Riff Valley Academy in Kenya, Africa. I have brought striking colors into this painting, and it shows well as an interior decorating fine art piece. The original painting is sold. But this picture is available as a limited edition, accurately reproduced by digital printing on archival paper with paint and measures 28 in. x 40 in. I number, title and sign each print with an artist pencil. You may buy the paper print and frame it yourself, or I can provide that service. In either case the final print should be professionally matted and mounted behind non-reflective glass to achieve the best showing

Memories from Carriage Road
18 in. x 24 in.
Collection of John and Kathy Ormerod
(S. Carolina)

Memories from Carriage Road

This painting was made for a couple who retired to an eastern state. Among the favorite features of their Illinois home were the patio and gardens. This painting will preserve the memories of happy years in this house.



Mrs. V's Pearls
24" x 30" oil on canvas
Artist's Collection

The inspiration for Mrs. V's Pearls results from three of  Donn’s compounding experiences: seeing the oil painting by Vermeer’s titled Girl with a pearl earring in Amsterdam, reading a biography about Vermeer, and seeing the excellent movie Girl with a Pearl Earring. There was a good amount of intrigue and jealousy with the means by which Vermeer borrowed his wife’s pearl earrings so the hired chore maiden could wear them as she secretly modeled for his painting, which became famous.

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