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A native of Illinois, I began oil painting in 1953. My father was an artist and trained me. Oil painting becameIllinois artist Donn Ziebell specialies in oil paintings. an enjoyment quite different from my scientific career. 

I paint a broad spectrum of subjects in a painterly style. Depending upon the subject, I add realism, surrealism or impressionism in combinations to achieve my visual goal. My paintings now reside with owners in the U.S. and several foreign countries.

In 1996 I began showing my work in public after completing three very large canvases. When I stand before a large, blank canvas to begin a new work or to continue one underway, I receive a special thrill from the self-imposed risks created within a large painting. Making an idea take form and capturing it in color is a satisfying act of creation. 

People often ask where I get my ideas. My works of fine art are inspired by books I have read, travel experiences, word thoughts, and images seen or imagined and refined over time. Creative communication is my artistic goal. For some paintings, I write a short narrative to add to the viewer's enjoyment to provide further insight into the painting.

I give tribute to my father, William A. Ziebell (1910-1978), by showing some of his work in the Mentor's Gallery. When I started to oil paint, it rekindled his painting activity. His works show a marked "before and after" style change, with more sunlight in his later paintings. 

You can contact me at:
Phone: ( 847 ) 381-5960 
Mail:  910 C Oak Hill Road
          Barrington, IL 60010
Email: yurart@comcast.net

"A painter's life is never long enough. You leave your work   in the middle."


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